Medical  ---  Fund for Brent

UPDATES:   Nov 2017  Brent saw a kidney specialist due to some concerning lab results and has to have further tests done.

Each month, to pay the rent, there is a need for $250 to be added to all of his disability monies. The outpouring of generosity that we've seen is truly appreciated.


As many of you know, Brent is a giver, generous to a fault and almost never asks for anything. That's why it takes a friend or family member (his brother, in this case) to help out and do the asking :-)

As you also know, Brent has had ongoing genetic medical issues for a number of years now. And those passing years have brought the expected worsening of his cardiac problems.

I know he enjoys running his telecom business and is thankful for the essential income to supplement his monthly Social Security Disability Insurance. Unfortunately, he's had three strikes working against him: reduce energy and stamina, two friends that help him with jobs are no longer available, and the biggest one; virtually no work coming in for months industry wide. A couple of work leads have come in recently and hopefully a confirmed job will come of it, but there's no guarantee that it will.

Brent had a 5 month rainy day budget saved up. He cut all expenses (which weren't much to begin with) to the bone and stretched every single dollar until that ran out recently.

Because of all this, I'm writing to ask his many friends to help brainstorm on ways to help Brent make ends meet at least for the short term. If you have some "in" or connection with a person or company that could provide telecom work or ideas or leads on state or federal assistance programs please share that with me and/or Brent directly.

If you're into social media (I'm not, unfortunately) perhaps there's a way to get the word out or use it somehow in a beneficial way. For my part, I was able to get an online funding site set up with Go Fund Me. It seemed like an easy and secure way to offer direct monetary help.

They say it takes a village and I believe that's true. So a huge thank you in advance for any help you can offer: ideas, leads, or directly.

With sincere appreciation and regards